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Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Anjuli wins NTBAA 2012

I'm very delighted to tell you that my Indian girl Anjuli just won the miniature class in the British NTBAA.  This makes me very proud and happy, because all the entries were judged "in the fur", by peopel who really know about sewing and bear making and so this award proofs that my bears are in no way ugly or terribly crafted and I would like to thank the judges and organisers of the competition for this beautiful award.
Anjuli was inspired by my trip to India last October, the silk for her saree comes from Jaipur, the bindi on her forehead is from Jaisalmer.
And now, I just want to party and celebrate my new award!

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  1. love greats and mutch gratulations from sylvia by the mäsywi-bären


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