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Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Ole, the little lynx, last one for Hugglets

I've made it!!!! I finished all the bears and cats that I wanted to bring to Hugglets. This here is the last one: Ole, the little lynx.
If you want to have a closer look, just visit me in hall 1, stand 48.

Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Peruano, my first ever spectacled bear

 Please meet Peruano, my first ever spectacled bear.
He measures 11cm/4.4inches from nose to tail.
He is made from  very soft and dense black alpaca.
Peruano has a wired spine running from head to tail and armatured legs for multiple posing. Also, he has an open mouth with modelled teeth and a fake leather tongue. His paw pads and nose are stitched , waxed and polished.
If you want to see Peruano in reality, just visit me at Hugglets: Hall 1, stand 48.

Taran, the little cheetah

Taran, the little cheetah, another baby cat ready for Hugglets. His fur is a mixture of sheeps' wool, mohair and alpaca, and he measures 50cm/20inches from his nose to the tipp of his tail.
Taran has  hand painted German glass-eyes, trapunto paw pads and an ultra-suedine nose.
He has armatured legs, a spine made of copper wire running from head to tail and wired ears for multiple posing.
And now he is looking forward to travelling to London and he keeps asking if cheetahs will finally be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games?

Samstag, 4. September 2010

Thai-Shan, Golden Teddy Award and Australian Bear Creations Awards nominated design

I always like to keep my award-winning bears with me, so the original Thai-Shan, who received nominations for both the Golden Teddy Award and the Australian Bear Creations Awards is not for sale.
But as I received so many requests I've made another little panda, using the same pattern and fabrics as for the original Thai-Shan and this one will be travelling with me to Hugglets to look for a new home.


This is Snowflake, a little polar bear, looking forward to travelling to Hugglets ann meeting many new friends to play with.
She measures 10cm/4inches from nose to tail, her fur is made from a very soft and dense German faux fur, she has an open mouth with modelled teeth and armatured lesg and spine for multiple posing.