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Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Kimba, the little white lion, also going to Hugglets

Sorry for this kind of preview, I wanted to put all the pictures in one post. Unfortunately, Blogger showed some of them in the wrong directions and wouldn't accept any changes unless I put them in a separate post.

Once again, I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but I hope you will still visit me at Hugglets. You find me in hall 1, table 48.

Paloma, another little baribal for Hugglets

Tujunga, also going to Hugglets

A short Hugglets preview

I'm still working hard for Hugglets next Sunday, but here is already a short preview to give you an idea on what to expect.
There are two big news for Hugglets:
First of all, I finally managed to find a way to make nice looking claws for miniature bears that don't break, which is very important as I travel by plane.
The second news is, I finally made more girls. As a big fan of Bayern Munich I love to name my bears after their players,  so, naturally, I had almost only boys until some people reminded me that it would be nice to have some girls , too.
So, here they are and if you want to see more, please visit me at my table, hall 1, stand 48.