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Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

Hugglets Winter Bear Fest 2018

I'm extremely delighted to introduce three brand new designs for Hugglets on Sunday, to see them and all my other creations in the fur, please visit us un hall 1, stand 30.
 This is Lady Amatia, a little unicorn, measuring 10 cm/4 inches from head to hoof, she has a wired spine running from head to tail and her legs are both jointed and wired for many different poses.
 Here, we have little Sandro, 7,5cm / 3 inches, standing, from head to paw.
And, finally, Viserion, the famous ice dragon from Game of Thrones. He measures 10,5cm/ 4.2 inches when standing on his hind legs and 22cm /8.8inches from nose to tail when fully stretched.
He is made from hand-dyed and -paintzed mohair, wings are hand-painted , as well. His legs are both jointed and wired, he has a wired spine running from head to tail and his wings are completely wired, too.

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