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Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Please vote in the URSA-Awards

Once again, it's time to cast your vote in the URSA-Awards, and yes, your vote really does count.
These are my two entries for this years
After all the George Clooney inspired bears I did in the past years, I decided that it was time for Johnny Depp and who could be better than him, Captain Jack Sparrow?
You find him in category 2 and yes,  Captain Jack would be very pleased about your vote.

My second entry is Temeraire. Only early this year I discovered the beautiful novels by Naomi Novik and immidiately fell in love with Temeraire.
Of course, I couldn't resist to bring him to life as a soft sculpture.
He was hatched on May 25th, right before the finale in the UEFA Champions League and of course we watched the finale together.
As you can imagine, Temeraire was very pleased to see Bayern Munich winning, the team that the Spanish press named after him, "La Bestia Negra" -> The Black Beast.
Inspired by his favourite soccer team, he begged me to enter him into the URSA-Awards so that he could win his very own trophy and he would be very pleased if you could support him with your vote in category 14.
To vote for Captain Jack Sparrow, Temeraire and all the other beautiful creations in the competition, just click URSA-Awards
Here, you find all the instructions on how to vote and now, just lean back, enjoy all the beautiful creations and vote for your favourite in each categories.

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