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Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Thank you!!!!!

I finally finished my happy dance after winning two TOBY Industry's Choice Awards and now it is time to say thank you:

First of all, I would like to thank the organisers and judges of the TOBY Awards for this incredible honor. I saw the pictures of all the winners on and the standard of all of the winning bears and friends is just incredibly high and I can only call it a big honor to be part of that.

Another big thank you goes to all the wonderful people who were there for me last year, when I was so down with my nerves that I wanted to give up bear making. Thank you all so much, without your support I wouldn't be here anymore and could not enjoy my two TOBY Awards.

George Clooney, thank you once more for being such a great model for teddy bears and thank you for making and directing Leatherheads, this beautiful film has been providing so many ideas for beary costumes.

The organisers and judges of both the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards and the Taiwan Teddy Bear Creative Awards: When Dodge received nominations in both competitions, both times with the same photos, I knew I had to send these photos to the TOBY, and guess what happened?

The organisers and judges of the EURO-Teddy Awards: As it is really difficult to make good photos of black bears I decided that I wouldn't enter them in photographic competitons anymore, but after my sloth bears won first place in the EURO-Teddy, I had to take pictures to publish on the internet. The sun happened to be there, and suddenly I had a really good photo, and as my winning bears earned  so many positive comments on  different internet platforms,  I decided that I should give it another try and send my sloth bears to the TOBYs.

One more big thank you to my fellow artists and collectors  for their positive comments about my sloth bears, which encouraged me to enter them into the TOBY Awards.

And I want to thank God for sending me some sunshine when I needed it and for helping me through a troublesome year.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Bayern Munich for hiring Pep Guardiola. That has made a great week even better and now I have hopes that Indian newspapers will finally report about the German Bundesliga, so that I don't have to spend my next trip with searching for a computer and internet.

PS: If you don't hear or read from me in the next time, don't worry, after my two TOBY Awards I'm just so motivated to make new bears, that I will hardly find the time to go online.

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