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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

I'm back!!!!!

You may be surprised that some of my latest posts have vanished or changed. That has a very simple reason: I will be back bear making!
In fact, I have to, because I nearly sold out at Hugglets.
Stupid as I am I believed  that after everything that happened towards the end of last year, everybody  hated me, that I was not taken serious (anymore) as an artist and that I would not be able to make it again in the teddy bear scene. That was the reason why I wanted to give up bear making and when I went to Hugglets on Sunday I was sure I wouldn't sell anything and my fellow artists would ignore me in the best case and show clearly that I was not wanted at the show.
But then, everybody was just as kind and welcoming as always and I sold better thatn ever before at any show, after only 5(!!!) mintues I was nearly sold out. In that moment, all the fears and the pressure that made me suffer in the past months were gone and now I REALLY want to make my bears again.
So, I will start again but before that I would just like to thank everybody who supported me in the past two weeks with their emails, phone calls and at Hugglets. Thank you all so much!

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  1. it was lovely to see you at hugglets , and your bears are wonderful , i still love that little panda
    hugs sandra [skye rose bears] xx


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